Barrel Racing Horse Insurance

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance specializes in insuring high-performance equine athletes and Barrel Horses are no exception. The rigors of Barrel Racing require a horse to be in exceptional athletic condition. Often times top barrel horses can range anywhere from the high five figures on up, making them a serious investment of not only money, but the time that goes into training and competition. Kay Cassell Equine Insurance offers Barrel Racing Horse Insurance plans for Barrel Racers that cover your horse for potential injury sustained during Barrel Racing, even if surgery is required.

Request a quote today from Kay Cassell Equine Insurance and allow our expert team of horse owners customize a Barrel Racing Horse Insurance plan for your horse and give you the peace of mind to do what you love most… Barrel Racing.

Barrel Racing Horse Insurance

Not All Horse Insurance Companies are Created Equal

Navigating the world of horse insurance companies can be confusing and especially difficult when you talk to a different equine insurance agent every time you call. Kay Cassell Equine Insurance is considered by many to be one of the leading horse insurance companies in the equine industry. Unlike the largest horse insurance companies, Kay Cassell Equine Insurance takes pride in being family owned and offering an unprecedented level of personalized attention that every horse owner deserves. If you call to compare equine insurance companies before making a decision, you will quickly realize there is no comparison from the very first time you talk to Kay Cassell Equine Insurance.

Some horses are valuable, many are priceless. Protect your investment and friend by insuring your horses with Kay Cassell Equine Insurance

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance has been serving the horse insurance industry since 1981. We personally serve all your equine insurance needs. We understand. We're horse owners too! The experienced staff at Kay Cassell Equine Insurance gives you personal attention and are knowledgeable about horse owners needs. To protect your horse investment or equine related activities, we write all of our policies with only A+rated domestic companies who have strong financial backgrounds and equine experience.