Equine Mortality Insurance Coverage

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance writes with the world’s leading providers of Equine Mortality Insurance Coverage.  We write only with “A ” rated domestic insurance carriers.  Our full mortality policy provides coverage for death as a result of an injury, illness, or humane destruction.

Equine Mortality Insurance Coverage is essentially an equine life insurance policy for your horse. Equine Mortality Insurance Coverage will protect your financial investment by reimbursing you for the full insured value of your horse in the unfortunate event of an untimely death. While the equine full mortality policy usually includes a colic surgery benefit (usually $3,000 – $3,500) at no additional charge, horse owners who purchase Equine Mortality Insurance Coverage, are then able to add Major Medical, Surgical or Colic insurance to their policy to relieve financial burden should the horse become ill, suffer an injury, require surgery or hospitalization.

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance strongly encourages you to call and take advantage of our personalized approach and 35+ years of experience matching horse owners with the perfect policy.

Equine Major Medical Insurance

The Best Horse Insurance for Your Family

As horse owners, we all want the best for our horses. We also know how quickly major medical expenses can accumulate and a visit to the veterinarian is never cheap. In the unfortunate event your horse is severely injured, shows signs of colic, or even requires surgery or hospitalization, horse insurance will allow you to make a decision based on what’s best for your horse’s health knowing you have coverage for major medical bills. The experienced equine specialists at Kay Cassell Equine Insurance will help you navigate the confusing world of equine insurance and compare horse insurance plans to ensure that you have the best horse insurance policy to protect your entire family… including those with four legs.

Some horses are valuable, many are priceless. Protect your investment and friend by insuring your horses with Kay Cassell Equine Insurance

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance has been serving the horse insurance industry since 1981. We personally serve all your equine insurance needs. We understand. We're horse owners too! The experienced staff at Kay Cassell Equine Insurance gives you personal attention and are knowledgeable about horse owners needs. To protect your horse investment or equine related activities, we write all of our policies with only A+rated domestic companies who have strong financial backgrounds and equine experience.