Common Mistakes Horse Owners Make with Horse Insurance Companies

FAILING TO REPORT INCIDENTS PROMPTLY It’s important to notify your Horse Insurance Companies of a covered horse’s health problems when they occur, but many owners do not fulfill this requirement. It has been estimated that one in five owners waits until an ill or injured horse needs to be destroyed before calling the Horse Insurance Companies, an omission that could cost the owner reimbursement.

OVER-INSURING Overstating a horse’s value can result in Horse Insurance Companies claims rejections. If you wish to insure your horse for more than his purchase price, make sure you can substantiate this value. Otherwise, be realistic. Insure for current value, not for what you think the horse should be worth; if his value rises, you can adjust your policy later.

SELECTING POLICIES BASED ON PREMIUMS ALONE Since premiums are fairly standard in most categories, price shopping rarely unearths bargains. Read policies carefully and pay closest attention to coverage, rather than cost, because all Horse Insurance Companies policies are not equal. You may find that for a fraction of a percentage point more in premium, or for no added cost at all, you can buy far more coverage.

NEGLECTING TO READ AND THOROUGHLY UNDERSTAND THE POLICY A poor grasp of a policy’s term can mean you get too much or too little coverage, and you probably will not discover your error until claims time.

LEAVING GAPS IN DISCLOSURE Even minor health problems in a horse’s history must be reported on the policy application.

POOR RECORD KEEPING Keeping complete records for Horse Insurance Companies will ease the application, claims, and renewal processes. When purchasing a horse, keep a bill of sale and your canceled check. Also keep records and receipts for training and medical care, stud fees, competitions, and winnings.

Not All Horse Insurance Companies are Created Equal

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